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Brad Moody

Educator • Digital Artist

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Educator • Digital Artist

As a researcher and educator in Digital Media, I explore the dynamic intersection of video, sound, emerging technologies, mobile media, and interactive design. My primary focus is in Electronic Arts, where I combine my passion and expertise to analyze and create innovative digital works. My aim is to push the boundaries of this expansive field and showcase the versatility and creativity inherent in contemporary digital arts.

Apple Distinguished Educator

Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve, Color Correction & Fairlight Certified Trainer

Accepted into Adobe Partners by Design Program for Art and Design Faculty

Professional Panel for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards

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Chair, MCCMEA - School of Digital Media Production at Daytona State College

July 2023 - Present


  • Strategic Leadership: Oversee and guide strategic development in Digital and Interactive Media Production, Broadcast Television, Photographic Technology, and Music Production Technology programs.

  • Strategic Planning & Collaboration: Collaborate with faculty and stakeholders to refine and implement a strategic plan, ensuring the school’s alignment with evolving industry trends.

  • Industry Partnerships: Strengthen industry connections to align educational offerings with professional demands, enhancing student real-world exposure and opportunities.

  • Faculty Development: Lead faculty in adopting current industry standards in teaching practices, encouraging innovation and research.

  • Student Empowerment: Implement strategies for student success in
    the dynamic digital media field, focusing on career readiness and
    personal development.

  • Culture of Innovation: Foster a creative and innovative environment, aiming to develop influential professionals in the digital media industry.

Professor of Digital and Interactive Media, MCCMEA - School of Digital Media Production at Daytona State College

2024 - Present

In my role as Professor of Digital and Interactive Media at Daytona State College, I specialize in delivering a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses the latest advancements in digital media technologies and production techniques. I am responsible for teaching core courses in the Program, as outlined in the A.S. Degree program for Digital and Interactive Media Production.


  • Design and teach courses focusing on digital imaging, video production, and interactive design.

  • Guide students through hands-on projects that simulate real-world digital media production scenarios.

  • Foster a collaborative classroom environment that encourages innovation and critical thinking.

  • Maintain active involvement in professional development to ensure curriculum relevance and incorporate cutting-edge technology and methodologies.

  • Mentor students in their capstone projects, guiding them from concept development to final presentation, ensuring they are industry-ready upon graduation.

Associate Professor of Digital and Interactive Media, MCCMEA - School of Digital Media Production at Daytona State College

2019 - 2024


  • Educational Leadership: Delivered comprehensive instruction in Digital and Interactive Media Production as well as Photography Programs, fostering academic growth and innovation.

  • Student Advising: Provided individual guidance to students, assisting them in achieving their educational and
    career goals.

  • Research Engagement: Actively engaged in research activities to stay abreast of industry trends and contribute to the academic community.

  • Community Collaboration: Worked closely with local community organizations, creating bridges between the institution and the local community, fostering mutual growth and cooperation.

  • Committee Participation: Played a key role as a member of various college committees, contributing insights and perspectives to the overall college strategy.

  • Advisory Roles: Served on both the College Technology Advisory Board and Advising Council, providing valuable input on technological advancement and academic policy.

Assistant Chair, Digital and Interactive Media Production Program, Daytona State College

2019 - Present


  • Program Leadership: Spearheaded the Digital Interactive Media Production Program, including conducting comprehensive College and State Curriculum and Program reviews. Executed a Major Program and Curriculum update, introducing new Courses, Program Mission, Description, and Outcomes in Fall 2021.

  • Industry Collaboration: Established an Industry Advisory Board and Articulation agreements with local high schools, enhancing the connectivity between academia and industry.

  • Faculty Development: Organized and led Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Trainer Training for Faculty and Staff, fostering professional development and expertise within the program.

  • Academic Recognition: Led the School of Digital Media Production to earn recognition as an official Blackmagic Design Academic Training Partner.

  • Certification Integration: Successfully integrated Professional DaVinci Resolve Certification for students, ensuring real-world applicability of skills learned.

  • Resource Supervision: Supervised the update of program resources, including the introduction of industry-standard 6K video production equipment kits, Mac Pro, and BYOD new media suites, enhancing the program's technological capabilities.

  • Hiring & Student Advisement: Managed hiring processes and provided consistent student advisement, aligning the program's staffing and educational guidance with strategic goals.

  • Online Transition Leadership: Appointed as lead for the School of Photography's transition to online conversion during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring a seamless transition to remote learning.

Associate Professor of Digital Media, American University in Dubai

December 2010 - 2018


  • Teaching Excellence: Delivered comprehensive instruction across a broad range of subjects, including video, sound, and interactive courses within the Digital Media concentration, as well as Visual Communication foundation and senior courses within the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication program.

  • Graduate Education: Taught the Technological Applications In The Classroom course as part of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program within The School of Education, contributing to the advancement of graduate-level education.

  • Student Advising: Provided personalized guidance and support to students, assisting them in academic and
    career planning.

  • Research Contribution: Engaged actively in academic research, staying abreast of industry trends and contributing to the knowledge base within the field of digital media.

  • Community Engagement: Collaborated with community organizations, creating symbiotic relationships that furthered both the university's and community's objectives.

  • Committee Participation: Played a vital role as a member of various university committees, contributing to policy development and strategic planning, and shaping the academic landscape at the institution.

Digital Media Coordinator, American University in Dubai

2011 - 2017

Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Curriculum Development: Led a significant update of the curriculum to align with industry standards and emerging trends in digital media.

  • Facility Expansion: Constructed 5 new media industry standard suites and resource rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art video, sound, and interactive equipment.

  • Industry Recognition: Achieved prestigious recognitions, including:

    • Nominated as a center of excellence by Apple.

    • Recognized among top film schools in the region by Blackmagic Design.

    • Certified as a Blackmagic Design official Academic Training Partner.

  • Alumni Success:

    • Graduates secured prominent roles internationally as editors, animators, colorists, producers, art directors, and faculty members.

    • Alumni acceptance into top graduate programs, including Berklee College of Music, University of Southern California, New York University, Northwestern University, and others.

    • Many graduates awarded significant scholarships, including the Annenberg Leadership Scholarship and Annenberg
      Graduate Fellow.

  • Enrollment Growth: Successfully managed the fastest-growing and largest Major within the Visual Communications Department, reflecting the effectiveness of program development and leadership.

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, McNeese State University

September 2010 - December 2010


  • Diverse Teaching: Conducted classes across multiple levels (100-400), specializing in Communication Theory, Emerging Media/Web/New Media Design, and Media Production, from beginner to advanced stages.

  • Student Advising: Acted as an academic mentor, providing guidance to students for educational growth and
    career planning.

  • Research Engagement: Actively participated in research initiatives, contributing to the academic development within the field of mass communication.

  • Community Involvement: Established connections with community organizations to foster collaboration and
    mutual growth.

  • Committee Participation: Contributed insights and expertise as an active member of various university committees, supporting the institution's broader goals and policies.

  • Studio Space Development: Advised on and implemented updates to the studio space, working with vendors, acquiring quotes, and overseeing improvements to enhance the educational environment.

Applied Communication Faculty, SWC, Higher College of Technology

2007 - 2010


  • Multimedia Teaching: Instructed in various fields including Media Communication, Video, Photography, and Multimedia Production, encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects such as visualization, storyboarding, color theory, layout planning, typography, and design history.

  • Industry-Relevant Experience: Utilized professional experience in print, video, and electronic media to offer students hands-on insight into real-world applications.

  • Software Proficiency: Maintained a working knowledge of all current media-related software, such as Adobe CS and Final Cut Studio, ensuring students were trained in the tools used in professional settings.

  • Technical Expertise: Demonstrated a deep understanding of technical aspects of media production, including photography, broadcasting, digital media, editing, lighting, video, and postproduction processes.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Taught diverse subjects within media and design studies, including animation, motion graphics, style and genre analysis, and the history of media, photography, and video, fostering a well-rounded educational experience
    for students.

Associate Broadcast Producer/Art Director, Palio Communications

2000 - 2007


  • Production Oversight: Managed all facets of in-house production, including shooting, producing, and editing, as well as supervising out-of-house productions.

  • Coordination and Direction: Organized shoots and locations, directed crew and cast, logged footage, and oversaw postproduction graphics, duplication, and packaging.

  • Project Management: Handled diverse projects, such as web, multimedia, CD/DVD, trade-show, broadcast, video, and radio, ensuring quality and alignment with brand objectives.

  • Event and Publicity Coordination: Orchestrated publicity campaigns and event coordination to increase brand awareness and reach targeted audiences.

  • Administrative Duties: Managed office functions, including light accounting, contributing to smooth operational flow.

  • Technological Proficiency: Utilized an advanced understanding of multimedia technology and video production techniques, coupled with strong proficiency in software such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe CS, Media100, ProTools, and Quark.

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Daytona State College

DIG2000 Introduction to Digital Media

DIG2500 Fundamentals of Interactive Media

DIG2441 Mobile Devices and Applications of Social Media

DIG2030 Fundamentals of Digital Video

DIG2203 Intermediate Digital Video Production

DIG2074 Interactive Media Capstone

DIG2940 Internship in Digital Media

GRA1543 Graphic Design Studio

PGY1115 Color Theory and Processes

PGY1800 Photography and Image Making

PGY1802 Digital Image Processing and Applications

PGY2750 Introduction to Video Production

American University in Dubai

VCCC100 Introduction to Visual Communication

VCCC205 Computer Graphics II

VCDM221 Introduction to Video Production

VCDM222 Introduction to Sound

VCDM230 Introduction to Interactive Media

VCDM320 Performance And Installation Studio

VCDM321 Intermediate Projects in Video

VCDM325 Underwater Media Production

VCDM330 Advanced Projects in Interactive Media

VCDM322 Advanced Sound Design Studio

VCDM421 Advanced Video Production

VCCC480 Senior Project

VCCC490 Field Experience in Visual Communication

EDCO620 Technological Applications In The Classroom

Overview of Courses

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