I currently hold the position of Associate Professor of Digital Media at the American University in Dubai as well as Coordinator for the Digital Media Concentration within the Visual Communication Department. My personal work and research employs digital media, sound, emerging technologies, hybrid physical ubiquitous design, mobile media, interaction design and new technologies and their integration in education. I hold a BS from Skidmore College in Art Education and an MFA in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Arts, 2003.
Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York. Bachelor of Science in Art Education, 1996.
Courses Taught    Advanced Computer Art ARTS49701/01 (RPI) Advanced Projects in Interactive Media VCDM330 (AUD) Advanced Video Production VCDM412 (AUD) Advanced Production MCOM340  (McNeese State) Advanced Sound Design Studio VCDM322 (AUD) Art Appreciation LBST220 (HCT) Computer Graphics II VCCC205 (AUD) Emerging Media Practices MCOM355 (McNeese State) Graphic Art I GINT N1220 (HCT) Graphic Design I AR209 (Skidmore College) Global Media Trends COMA N307 (HCT) Intermediate Projects in Video VCDM321 (AUD) Introduction To Mass Communication MCOM131 (McNeese State)  Introduction to Interactive Media VCDM230 (AUD) Introduction to Sound VCDM222 (AUD) Introduction to Video Production VCDM221 (AUD) Marketing, Advertising, PR & Promotion COMA N0285 (HCT) Media Studio I, II III & IV COMA N216, 266, 316 & 366 (HCT) Media Project I & II COMA N416 & N466 (HCT) Multimedia COMA N172 (HCT) Performance and Installation Studio VCDM320 (AUD) Portfolio Development II COMA N312 (HCT) Professional Practice and Portfolio Development GINT N12210 (HCT) Project Management COMA N207 (HCT) Senior Project VCCC480 (AUD) Technological Applications in the Classroom EDCO620 (AUD) Underwater Media VCCC399 (AUD) Visual Language COMA N115 (HCT) Visual Communication I COMA121 (HCT) Visual Communication II COMA NO171 (HCT) Work Experience (HCT) Field Experience in Visual Communication VCCC490 (AUD)
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